Ways to start a conversation on social media

There are thousands and millions of users active on social media the question is how to engage with them. A brand can wait for the audience to start a conversation with it after publishing great content but there are other methods that can be deployed to proactively initiate customer conversations on social.  In Asia-Pacific there are 969 million active users in social.

Social Media Users In APAC

Initiate conversations by

Leave a comment: Find out where your audience participates on the social media communities and get started by leaving valuable comments.

Twitter Chat: Participate in organized chat that is relevant to the business. Or organize such chats on Twitter and get involved.

Answer Questions: Set up a social media listening program based on keywords, hashtags, geography, and more. Help customers by answering their questions that are relevant to your business or category.

Pose a question: Make it easy for people to comment on your content by posing questions that require varying levels of thoughtfulness.

Learn and optimize: If the tactics to spur sociability aren’t successful, try different methods, be persistent, and continue to optimize your efforts.

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