Manage your social media accounts using Hootsuite

Hootsuite, a leading social media management platform today, helps you to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks. I think it would be useful to share a post on how to schedule Tweets on Hootsuite.

All you need to do is follow these seven steps (HootSuite’s Guideline) to schedule your tweets.

  1. Click “Compose Message”
  2. Compose your message and include links or photo’s or videos if you have any (For those who donot use Hootsuite: I will advice you to use bitly for URL Shortening, so that you can track the links performance. By the way you can also track your shorten links’ performance by using Hootsuite as well)
  3. Click to select a profile from the profile picker
  4. Click the calendar icon
  5. From the calendar, select the date for the message to be sent
  6. Select the time for the message to be sent
  7. Click “Schedule”

Let me know if you have any questions on scheduling tweets.



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