Free Social Media Listening Tools

Social media is all about listening to what audience has to say about you, analysing the data driving social media business intelligence using all these insights to know our customers better and improve our business stategy. There are a bunch of social media tools available out there, choose the right tool that suits your needs best. More important while selecting a tool one should know what you are trying to meassure and why.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best free monitoring tools:

1) Hootsuite: This is a great tool that allows you to save time when it comes to managing your social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare and Google+

2) TweetReach: TweetReach is the right tool for your business if you’re interested in monitoring how far your tweets travel, as TweetReach measures the actual impact and implications of social media discussions.

3) SocialMention: This tool allows you to listen for your brand, company, product, service, competitors or industry keyword mentions across social media channels. Data is pulled from dozens of social media services to give you the most real-time information.

4) Kred/Klout: Kred and Klout are two scoring services that review your social media activity, engagement, influence, authority, etc. and provide you with a score that tells you how you rank compared to others on social media.

5) Twitalyzer: Measure your impact, engagement, and influence on Twitter with this tool.

6) Peerindex: It helps brand identify the biggest key influencers in their social networks without the extensive manual labor that usually goes into the process.

This is not a comprehensive list of tools you can find many such free tools as well.

Share what tools you would use and for what purpose. Will be happy to hear from you all as well!


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